What is sadder than work left unfinished ? Work never begun. As a young child I dreamed of becoming an artist. But a little thing called life got in the way for 30 years -marriage, kids, and a job that made money. Then I made the bold move to quit my day job and pursue my two passions : Painting and garden design. From Spring to Fall as a Garden designer I use the earth as my canvas. When winter sets in I use my canvas to capture the joy and beauty of Mother Nature. When people look at my art I want them to feel the same passion I do .

As you can see my artwork is imaginative - bold landscapes and gardens with fantasy flowers and animals, bright colors of red, green, cobalt blue, purple, pink, orange, yellow, black and white. While my style of painting is intuitive I paint in both an abstract and realistic way . Friends have compared my style to that of Matisse , Chagall and Avery Milton, which I consider a big honor.