Carol Diane

Carol Diane

Artist’s Statement
The ability, acquired over time through reflection and practice, to tap into the infinite well of inspiration infuses my paintings with authenticity and originality. My paintings evolve from expressions of feeling and imagination. Each one is a unique beautiful harmony of color glowing with internal light. The themes are varied from abstractions to ideas from my own experiences and interpretations of life. The underlying similarity is the use of the colors of the rainbow with acrylic paint. I sign my paintings on the back. My paintings generally exude positivity, are fun and interesting to look at and brighten up whatever room becomes their home. They can be framed or hung as is.

Blessed with an adventuresome spirit and a lifelong seeker of illumination I have learned so much from so many places and people, like beautiful locations from Alaska and Hawaii to Minnesota and Florida and many states in between including Colorado, New Mexico, and Oregon. I lived almost 5 years in Chile, and have recently explored the inland northwest and Martha's Vineyard. I have often supported myself with varied occupations from lifeguard and tour guide to graphic design and research (my degree from the University of Minnesota was in Sociology).

Introduced to artistic expression in Chile, my passion for art began when I apprenticed in my (at the time, future) husband’s clay studio. Returning to the U.S. in the mid-80s we started one of the first desktop publishing companies in Appalachia. After moving to Kauai in 2001, I became hooked on beach combing and started creating art from driftwood, shells, and beach glass, selling my mixed media pieces at a local farmers market. I began incorporating acrylics in my work and became passionate about painting.

In October of 2011, I created and led the only artist co-op on Kauai until losing the space in May of this year. My art is in collections all over the world. Self-taught and always outside the box, I paint for myself and for those with whom it resonates.

Colorful Abstracts

Imaginative Landscapes

Flora Fantasy