Carly Jaye Patrick

Carly Jaye Patrick

Growing up with a Survey Draftsman, history loving father with a love for Blues music, and a Bohemian mother who named her daughter after “Carly Simon”, Carly Jaye has been exposed to the arts for as long as she can remember. Music and an appreciation of the arts, especially books were taught to be sacred.

“It was my escape from the real world, somewhere in my mind I could create something, an image, a scene with wondrous colour and complete fiction – it didn’t have to make sense, it was art and my own personal uplifting journey ...”, Carly Jaye says of her first memories of delving into the drawing and painting medium.

With a unique eye for colour and producing mainly portrait work with an expressionist and emotional vibe, Carly Jaye often creates work symbolising the many “faces of art and pain”.

Carly Jaye says “art allows me the unique opportunity to be creative every day, I have found my niche, my calling, and I love what I do and am passionate about it.”

Faces of Art and Pain

Animal Instinct