Carl Beatty Art Gallery

Carl Beatty Art Gallery
I am an artist who love comics, digital art and traditional drawing.
I also teach art to 6,7,8th grade students.
This is my Art Pal account, and I want to welcome you to purchase
anything you like here. If you have any questions, my email is
You can also email directly about anything you would like me to draw for you.
I usually allow 3 revisions, and then after that I will charge more for any ideas you want to change.
Depending how complicated it is to change these new revisions.

Size Printed out or drawn
8.5" x 11"
- Heads- $20
- Head and Torso- $30
- Fullbody - $50
I can also draw characters or lettering on large posters and walls
done in markers or paint, or spray paint.
I can also create holiday yard art of characters made of wood and paint,
and I can draw comic pages as well.
I have a cartoon style of drawing so if you want it cartoony,
I am your guy!
Any more questions, just email me.
Carl D. Beatty

Cosplay - Costumes

Sketchbook Art


Digital Art