Carl Ansloos

Carl Ansloos

"Why do I paint? Simply because I must. I can't escape its grip, it has me for life."

I am a painter of people. The study of people, using line and paint has been a life long obsession. To capture a thought, a glance, a dream: what more could one ask. I have explored many avenues of subject, style and medium, forever battling with each and every piece of artwork that I produce. Endlessly searching for inspiration from those greats that came before; Degas, Modigliani, Manguin and Matisse. I enjoy the complete process of creating a work of art and often the journey with each piece, is for me, where the satisfaction lies. Hopefully resulting in satisfaction for the viewer. I strive to make the next piece better than the last.
Firstly the canvas is primed with gesso to give underlying texture rather than a flat canvas surface. Then given a wash, usually brown or white. I then sketch with paint or chalk until I am loosely happy with the composition. I proceed to paint with acrylic or oil using brushes in the traditional sense. The composition builds in time, often changing whilst I add and remove and add again, until I am satisfied with the outcome.

I am predominantly self taught. From about the age of 10, I was studying the ‘Old Masters’. I was fascinated by the works of Rembrandt and the Dutch Old Masters. I started painting in this style which taught me technique, discipline and the understanding of various styles and glazes, in particular the technique of building light from dark. In my teenage years I was introduced to Liverpool artists, writers and painters; Arthur Dooley the sculptor, Eric Carr the Artist/sculptor, Mike McCartney singer/writer and the Italian artist Fausto Bozzi who inspired me greatly. Painting was for me, a natural extension of oneself as perhaps were writing, music or drama for others around me.



La Ninfa Del Agua-The Water Nymph

Girl In The Orange Grove

Reclining Nude

Girl With The Rose Scarf