Carla Dancey

I put the paint on the canvas but did I really paint the picture? As the artist, I can, for the most part, control the outcome. However, sometimes I am blown away by the results of just opening myself up to being assisted. At times, without any intention on my part, things just ‘appear’ on the canvas. I like to think that there are angels painting along with me. I refer to these too many coincidences to be coincidences in my art, as being ‘inter-dimensional art.’ When creatures started forming on their own in my paintings and even giving themselves their own eyes without my help, it was hard to ignore that something unusual was happening. Sometimes when I go to sleep, I dream of colours and strange images before I paint them. Whether divinely inspired, or, pouring forth and manifesting from some deep recesses of my subconscious mind, my art can be haunted at times, but hopefully, in a nice way.

I don t think there is much doubt that I have an addiction to colour, sparkle and shine. I hope that everything I paint will attract and reflect the light, both spiritually and physically. Many of my paintings spring to life when viewed from varying angles in the direct sunlight. I refer to these as ‘sun catcher paintings.’

Dancey Horse

Jesus Portraits



Egyptian Queens

Springtime in Paris