Heidi Capitaine

Heidi Capitaine


Born in 1966 I was a dreamy child loving the sea, Pippi Langstrumpf and playing all day long. The fact of being an artist maybe shone through in small details. I liked to change clothes few times a day in order to fit the colors to the moods or I'd rearrange food on the plate while eating in order to keep a beautiful composition. In my teenage days I'd completely redecorate my small room now and then into a total new experience.

After completing High School I had no idea what I could do except something creative like being a professional puppet player, being a shop window designer or working as a set designer. So I signed up for an art school to get the basic drawing and painting skills. I had so much fun there that I then decided to apply for fine art studies at university, where I was accepted. YIPPEE !

My thorough and profound studies in fine arts took me all in all 7 years.
After finishing university with a diploma in my pocket I embarked on the journey of home and family building! In that gorgeous and adventurous time with my lovely husband and my two wonderful kids, I was nevertheless always seeking time and place to keep my art going.

It has been a good but also very stressful time! At the same time, regarding my arts, I had the feeling of being a cowboy without a horse!

Since 2013 I’m finally back as a fulltime artist. Ever since I’m spreading my art, my joy and my love throughout the internet, building up, step by step, a strong presence in several online shops and on a variety of social media platforms. I’m happy to connect with you!!! Please stay in touch! Take care!

Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.de/capitaine27/boards/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Heidi_Capitaine
Instagram: heidi_capitaine
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Heidi-Capitaine-406019362932977/


Heidi Capitaine paints simple, bold and often very colorful and happy abstract images.
Her main subjects are color and composition. Areas of color against color
gradients; stripes, checks, simple shapes such as circles or rectangles are the actors of her stage play. These elements are combined and recombined over and over; sometimes with free brushwork. Many layers of paint help to create depth and vitality.
In the end some of the pictures happen to look like beautiful landscapes or still lifes.
The images arise spontaneously by listening to the moment. Colors are
dancing over the background in a free and inspired choreography!
Heidi Capitaine aims to create images which touch the thinking, feeling
and perception in many ways.