Heidi Capitaine

Heidi Capitaine


Heidi Capitaine was born in 1966 in Kiel, Germany. After High school

graduation she studied fine arts (painting and sculpture with Ben Willikens)

in Braunschweig and graduated in 1993.

She's got two children born in 1998 and 2000. She went on painting and

creating all the years in her then precious time. Since 2013 she's back as a

full time artist.


Heidi Capitaine paints simple, bold and often very colorful and happy abstract images.
Her main subjects are color and composition. Areas of color against color
gradients; stripes, checks, simple shapes such as circles or rectangles are the actors of her stage play. These elements are combined and recombined over and over; sometimes with free brushwork. Many layers of paint help to create depth and vitality.
In the end some of the pictures happen to look like beautiful landscapes or still lifes.
The images arise spontaneously by listening to the moment. Colors are
dancing over the background in a free and inspired choreography!
Heidi Capitaine aims to create images which touch the thinking, feeling
and perception in many ways.