Canvas Thy Vision

Canvas Thy Vision


I was born and raised in the small town of Tifton, GA. I always had big dreams.

I was surrounded by phenomenal artists such as my mother & sister who’s talents intimidated me. I never tried to draw or paint for the fear of failure even though I really had the desire. I now realize that the enemy was trying to crush the gifting by this fear.

Soon after getting saved I started attending a church were prophetic painting was done. I painted to paint but then I started seeing how it worked as I as was beginning to recognizing the voice of God. One day I felt the urge to go to the back & paint the Lords mighty hand after having a vision. Right after a woman stands up to quote a scripture the Lord told her to share about the might hand of God. I really learned to hear his voice through painting & how to trust him. I would think I was making the ugliest thing but by the end a beautiful painting & word would transpire from it. I would play here & there but the Lord really dropped it on me one day as I stayed in my room for a couple of days fasting.

The names of my church family started coming to me with the urge to paint so I began. Soon I started having vision of the whole canvas painted so much that I couldn't keep up with them between the words he was giving me & the visions. One turned into twenty & this is where I saw the ministry beginning as I gave the painting with the prophetic word he gave me for them. It was a blessing in its self, seeing as how people were being touched by something I thought I could never do, paint.

Then came the day the Lord laid it down on me, point blank. I was in worship at church & I heard the Lord say,” I made you to paint. You will paint the world.” That word gave me the hope & confidence I stand into today even though I don’t know what I’m doing. I do know that I’m sold out to God & all I want to do is bow at his feet & follow him no matter what I might think. I want to walk in my destiny, I want all he has for me which means I have to put my trust in him even though I don’t have all the ends together. Here I am trusting God voice.


Canvas Thy Vision is not about me or the money it is solely about Him. It is his ministry flowing through my hands. I want to make my heart very clear, it is not about the money.
I have done some art of visions I have for myself which brought joy, but that is not what my heart is longing for. This ministry through painting is for the people that purchase it. It’s the smiles I see, the tears as chains break, it’s the hope being restored through a prophetic painting just as a prophetic word does. If I had a million dollars I would never ask for a penny but unfortunately that is not the case as of now. I have to keep this ministry going just like any ministry has to have funds to keep the lights on.
Just a bit of a twist, I need blessings to keep the canvas flowing & paints dripping. Every canvas will be unique as I listen to the Holy Spirit & it pertains to the person receiving it. Therefore if you are buying it for someone else please let me know so I can ask the Father what they need to see & hear from him. My heart is to changes lives through this not paint just to paint & make money. Therefore I will not paint a preexisting image.
I hope you all understand my heart in this & thank you for making his ministry through me come alive. Blessing be upon you!

Canvas Thy Vision