Myth, Meaning Movement the Sculpture of CR Lee

Myth, Meaning Movement the Sculpture of CR Lee

Candice Raquel Lee has been sculpting since she was six years old, since an art teacher introduced her to her first lump of grey clay . The smell was so very familiar. It was as if she had known it all her short life. She later discovered that her Native American ancestors, the Wampanoag, were sculptors too. The cliffs where they live are made of red, white and black clay.

She likes sculpting figures with powerful messages. She borrows elements, moments and movement from myths and literature about women, though she also loves to sculpt couples as well as men and other beasts.

She believe that nothing completes a home like an original piece of art. It does credit to its owner's taste and sensibilities. It also adds beauty, power and magic to a space.

Candce Raquel Lee is also available for commissions of portraiture.

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