Camicamirobot is a self taught artist out of Florida creating alternative or “lowbrow” art around the Tampa Bay Community where they grew up. In 2012, the artist relocated to Alabama for a year before returning before January 2014 back to Florida. Their unique blend of morbid curiosity and a sea of blended colors haven’t really had a lot of effect on people, as they aren’t well advertised but kept nicely hidden in the depths of this domain.

For many years, the art has flourished in the underground communities of the internet and inspired many acts of kindness from small to very large. Letters and emails have been exchanged, friendships developed and personal growth inspired. The pain is as much of an important recipe in these artworks as the pain and all of them are intended to be an emotional release as much as a visual experience.

Since 2019, the artist now resides in the Northwest, working in technology and painting from a small studio with husband, son, and black cat named Gucci.

digital trip

traditional travels