Camelia Maftei

Camelia Maftei

Camelia Maftei is a freelance artist, living in London since 2007.

She found a refuge in art, where she can be herself and can put on canvas or sketch paper her feelings and emotions, what she can`t express otherwise. The majority of her works are drawings on sketch paper, painting in acrylic on canvas and photography.

Camelia never went to art class, and she doesn’t follow “rules” in her art, she believes that some people are great in creating music, others in writing poems or novels. However, from nature, Camelia is not that type of person to express her feeling by words; therefore, she found drawing as a relief.

She believes that you can find beauty in everything if you take the time to open your eyes and see all the beauty around.

Camelia is motivated by her love for art and the beauty of nature and human beings, and she strives to become better and better every day in everything that she is doing.

She focuses on the sensual nature of art, and she likes playing with colours, and her works may be considered contemporary representations.

Her works are more experimental, when she starts something she does not know what the outcome will be which she considers being the beauty of it, because like this, step by step, the artist will be able to discover herself, her inner self and her creativity.



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