Jerry A. Puckett

Jerry A. Puckett

Jerry Puckett is a landscape, portrait and event photographer. Jerry has specialized in photographing people, events and landscapes for more than 20 years. Jerry is a graduate of the New York Institute of Photography and Trine University. Jerry has continued to perfect the art of photography by using the elements of light, exposure and composition to create the artistic image.

“It is not the camera, it is the image that is the most important element in the art of photography, the camera and film are the tools used to paint the picture.”

Jerry's work is primarily shot with black and white film, with these images being hand developed. Some of the work that he produces is also shot in color and with digital formats.

Jerry's main interests are nature, landscape and still photography.

"I encourage you to enjoy the art as it is presented and thank you for visiting my gallery."

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