the Caleb Johnson

the Caleb Johnson

Award winning movie Director Caleb Johnson has been immersed in the art world all his life. Caleb got directly involved when he started painting at the age of 13. His art was sold nationally while being featured in the American Lifestyle magazine along with other child prodigies. The love for film and acting had always had a special place in his heart. At the age of 17 he decided to jump into the film industry with both feet. With his parents fully on board, Caleb's father wrote the screenplay for their first film "Time Collectors" which is being sold in christian book stores across the nation and online. Caleb, not afraid to learn and try new things decided it best to have his hand in every aspect of production from early concept to post production.

That mindset would go into everything he did.

Ten years later, with multiple feature films and a award winning short film under his belt, Caleb’s love for the film industry is still strong. His many skill sets in the industry and eye for choreography and story telling has attracted the attention of others who are now coming to him to direct their projects. He continues to work on passion projects on the side and has even begun working on scripts of his own. He never stops learning and growing and he says that the day he stops doing that is the day he'll quit.

One thing that never left him was his desire to create and a need to express himself. Never forgetting his origins in the art world, Caleb has since returned to his roots and started rediscovering how his artistic voice has matured over the years. It really is an exciting time for him!