I'm crazy about digital. I am a mad collector of computer Apps. Gosh, some people are so clever - the apps they create for my pleasure... designs, filters, digital manipulation, there's hundreds of them!

I can play around with a new idea for hours until, quite suddenly sometimes, a fresh and lively image appears. If I hear myself thinking "I love it!" the work progresses to a sales platform like ArtPal.

Part of my excitement is that I am learning something new every day. A new technique, a new possibility. I believe in "The field of infinite possibility", I mean how amazing is that! Infinite!

Giving expression to my innate creativity for everyone to share the joy, is what drives and sustains me.

I want to delve deeply into the “Field of Infinite Possibility”.
Where is it?
It’s in my soul. It’s been there ever since I was conceived. Mum’s egg chose a single sperm and it all began for me.

Thank you for reading.
(The # is the gathering net. The CAL are my initials. ART design is what I do. I live in New Zealand.)