Michael Byard. Digital Artist

Michael Byard. Digital Artist


Michael Byard was born in Windermere and his great grand father was the first entrepreneur to hold a license to hire rowing boats on Windermere Lake. His great grandfather also owned the first horse drawn carriage service over Kirkstone pass. Michael chose to express his love of the lake District in a less materialistic fashion. Inspired by watercolour artists Heaton Cooper, Roger Dean and Russel Flint, plus the glorious music of the sixties and early seventies, he tried to forge a career for himself as a musician and artist. Fate had other plans and his efforts were cut short by a freak accident that left him unable to put any pressure on the tendons in his arms. After many years in the wilderness modern technology came to his rescue and now he is a successful artist/musician and author. Here are some examples of his digital artwork. As you can see Michael's undoubted skills as a watercolour artist and love of classical art give his digital art a vibrance and originality not usually associated with this form of expression.

Old Masters

Fantasy & Mythology

Lakeland Fusions.