Butterfly Woman's Gallery

Butterfly Woman's Gallery


Kelley Springer, is a intuitive artist, healer, musician and storyteller. She is inspired by nature and the people and places where the wind blows. She has developed her own unique style of painting and photography. Her art work focuses on the sacred and seeks to see into the heart. She love to look upon the world with her own unique perspective from her spiritual eye. She has a deep connection to the Earth and seeks to understand the places where her spiritual journeys take her. Seeking deeper connection to life around herself. She is best in nature and loves to capture moments with trees, leaves, birds, horses and nature as art.

Her work is alive and makes you feel excited inviting you to celebrate with her the joy of life. She says she seeks to inspire and be inspired, many claim to be very inspired by her bright spirit. She is often laughing and very playful as a person. She and her life partner are gardeners and love growing food and expressing the nature of the love they feel for life together with their children in Southern Oregon.

A mother and grandmother she loves to teach children and shares her many talents with others. She teaches classes in sacred art, rattle making and the art of sacred mandala making. Bringing art to life is one of her favorite things to do with those she teaches. She is a gifted storyteller and shares her passion for art in the way she speaks and shares her life with those around her. Multi-talented and joyfully exuberant she delights in sharing art as a way of life.

You can read more about her at her website and check out her blog, radio show and other fun and exciting things on her site.


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