Butkovich Art

Butkovich Art


Photographer, Artist, and Poet Michael Loren Butkovich works have been published in such literary magazines as The Main Street Rag Review, The Sagebrush Review, including various web-base art / photography sites and competions.
A truly unique individual and artist, Butkovich's views and concepts laying it all on the table.
In loving or hating Butkovich's works and styles, one thing that must be admitted of this artist, his "In You Face Style" cannot be ignored....and always challenges you to think, consider, and ponder on an array of subjects most artists steer away from.
Butkovich art works has been described as twistedly gothic and of simplistic openness. In reviewing his works, you are unable to look away. Whether displayed within an office setting, business, or home...conversations will surely turn towards the piece. All viewers are left puzzled, wondering, questioning the piece and its subject matter. Positive or negative... a reaction is assured in Butkovich's Art.

All of these art pieces presented herein are "one of a kind" with no reproductions, no copies, and no duplications having been made. Each is unique into its own. All pieces are signed and 100% guaranteed an original Butkovich.

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