Buthaina Bucheery

Buthaina Bucheery


Born and lives in a little kingdom island in the Arabian Gulf-Bahrain, Buthaina Bucheery was fascinated with colors since early childhood. Unlike the surrounding deserts of Arabia, Bahrain has an enchanting sunny nature full of palm trees, sandy calm beaches and a rich wildlife.

Despite of the great focus her career demanded as a physician, Buthaina continued to pursue her art career. She is especially attracted to watercolors and their unique behavior. Inspired by her the beautiful surrounding nature and Bahrains legacy and culture, Buthaina has painted to reflect the beauty as she saw it. In her work she constantly tries to express a sense of cheer and warmth by focusing on expressing the lights and shades, which gives life to the artwork. This is also served by intensifying the paintings with vibrant colors.

Buthaina is a member of Bahrain Art Society and her art work has been displayed in local art shows and exhibitions.


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