Amy's Busy Bee Arts

Amy's Busy Bee Arts

Photography and stained glass are two mediums that I find equilibrium in. I love the idea of using my hands to manipulate glass or a camera and the process is quite pleasing. I find solitude and relaxation in capturing the inescapable beauty of wildlife.

I grew up with a camera in hand. My current work is to intertwine two mediums by creating a stained glass piece based on one of my photographs. I enjoy the challenge of matching colors within the photograph with the vast array of glass available as well as creating a pattern that retains the composition qualities. When my work is going well, I am filled with a sense of accomplishment and confidence.

This site is my personal photography portfolio gleaned from Amy's Busy Bee Arts works. I specialize in natural light animal photos. Portraiture is a favorite genre of mine. Texturing is included in some post processing. I can be contacted at busybeearts (at)

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