I have previously dabbled in all the art forms, from acrylics and oils, to mixed media and sculpture. During 3 successive lock-downs, whether I liked it or not, I really had a chance to hone my skills and have now found a style that I can truly call my own - my specific niche.
I like to call it BusyArt. All my paintings are colourful busy scenes with lots of activity, bright colours and wacky characters. They are jolly images that bring back memories of busy, active holidays in the sun.
I started my "Israel Series" in February 2020 and have completed six busy pictures depicting scenes at Netanya Beach, Netanya Square, Azrieli Centre, the Kotel, Carmel Market and Netanya para gliders. They are the sort of pictures that are worthy of closer inspection. People tell me that every time they look at them they spot some new element that they have not seen before.
I am delighted to start this adventure in Art with the BusyArt Gallery and my Israel, Jewish Festivals, Biblical names and Jewish Culture Series.
Come in and take a look.

Israel Series

Jewish Festivals

Jewish and Biblical names

Jewish Culture