Bureau Art Gallery


Certificate of Authenticity:We will issue a certificate of authenticity provided by an associate expert, Mr. Enrique Garrido, that will cover the item during your ownership or possession. If at any time in the future, (as long as you have not sold or otherwise disposed of it), you should find that the item we have sold is materially different to the age which we have represented or the attribution is wrong, you may return it in the same condition as it was when sold, for a full refund of the net sale price in the form of credit for other items and in some cases a full money back refund. Any claims for refund under this certificate, must be evidenced in writing by one or other art expert authorities. If for any reason you don't agree with our experts opinion during the auction please let us know and we will remove artworks imediatelly for further research, our buyers opinion is always considered. We have a money back guarantee too and you can use that for any reason, no need to inform why you want to send it back for a refund, see bellow.

Shipping Methods:
Will ship internationally (worldwide). THE SHIPPING IS FREE!

Additional Shipping Details:
The item will be shipped 1-2 business days after the payment is completed.

Money back Guarantee (100% Satisfaction Guaranteed):
If before 45 days you are not satisfied with your item you can return it for a credit equal to the sale price of the item you bought to exchange for other item/s of our inventory. Within the first 7 days the refund is Money Back.

About Us:
Here is our governamental ID registration for the Bureau Art Gallery: 60.173.168/0001-20. Founded in1985. Here you will find a very responsible selected fine art in Live Auctioneers and achieve a higher level of quality in your collection. Bureau Art Gallery is an excellent place to look for high end fine art paintings and scultptures from all styles, schools and artists! Feel free to navigate our site or Live Auctioneers store looking for a good opportunity! With certainty, you'll find something to enrich your fine art collection! We can assure you a secure service with an experience of 26 years!