Bulyss Marc

Bulyss Marc


E-mail : bulyss007@gmail.com
I didn't become an Artist, I always have been.

Attached to limitless freedom, I paint, classic, and digitally, the use of several mediums is a rich, varied approach such as drawing in Gallo Ferrique ink, pastels ... Everything creative must be born. Digital work is the last discipline employed, I am sure that I can work on it with a very constructive approach. My loyalty to the Masters of the Art, the great painters of all nationalities, of all eras, aroused a passion for the art its basic rules, the most imperial, noble, just. I did not become an Artist, I was led to reality, because I have always drawn, use gouache or give shape, life to a natural creation, with stone, earth for example There is no greater freedom in the act of creating, in a simple drawing, oil, wood or stone.
I live in France, and for all background, a rich past as a traveler, and culturally enriching.

Digital art