Gergely Bukovinszki

Gergely Bukovinszki

The journey only begins...

I've always been amazed with what a human being can achieve, especially when looking at oil paintings from the era of the renaissance all the way to late 1800s. Growing up in a musical environment also made me appreciate arts in general. At the same time watching what we do to each other every day on the street, in school, on television, all the decay and decadence being idolised in general. How much pain and suffering we cause to one another seemingly unnecessarily, inspired me to find out what is the point in life. 
Perhaps not to judge, decide whether it's right or wrong to do certain things, but rather to seek the answer why we do those things that we do.
I've always had a keen interest in expressing thoughts and ideas, emotions through music and arts, but at the age of 15 it started to bother me that what was in my mind to be visually expressed was too complex to my technical knowledge. So I decided to begin studying with a prominent painter to learn the basics of drawing and painting. Well, I learned a lot more than that; patience and discipline. A few years later, after completing a graphic designer course I went on to study fine art at university level. I left the education system after my fourth year in college, completing bachelor's degree in visual arts, to seek knowledge and wisdom outside institutional barriers and moved to the UK. 
I started doing extensive research in occult symbolism, alternative history, science and philosophy to combine the voice of reason found in the literature with my observations and experiences in life.
I've only done a handful of works in these topics for the next 7 years after graduating, those subjects not being in the mainstream, but I feel it's time for me to convey what I think to be the most relevant to contemporary human life, that is my life's work. 

Through art, through social media I'm reaching out to the conscious fellow beings who care, who walk with eyes wide open and ready to connect and share their views on society and life in general with an open mind. To those who feel the need to understand why are we all here? What is the point in all of this?

I don't intend to criticize individuals or attack religious beliefs. I aim to document the present and point out certain aspects of life that aren't widely talked about or even known about.