BS Dezignz

BS Dezignz

My name is Bones. I am the owner of BS Dezignz. I started out as a graffiti artist tagging trains and bridges or anywhere I could fit my name. Graffiti was my escape from reality. It also helped me relieve my stress, the adrenaline rush is so intense!

In 2011 I started to paint canvases but just with spray paint, because that's all I knew how to paint with. A few months later I decided to share my artwork on social media sites. I received a lot of positive feedback from family members and friends. That's when they told me to start something, try to sell my work. So I did and it started to take off. Some days I sell and some days I don't. I am from a small town and my business is still a small time thing. The money I make off my work doesn't go into my pocket, it goes right back into my art. I absolutely love to paint and express myself through my paintings. The best part about this is seeing my customers with a smile on their face. That's what I strive for, to make you happy and for you to enjoy the art as much as I do.

As always,
Stay up & Stay True


Urban/Street Art

Outer Space


Dead Disney

Pop Art

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