Post Deluge Studio's Gallery

Post Deluge Studio's Gallery

I have always been a talented artist and writer. I've made a career out my art through illustrating, writing and proofread independent comic books. Comics are not the only industry I've put my skills to use in, I have also worked in the video game and independent film industries doing concept art and story boards.

I have a welders certification from Aberdeen Proving Grounds and a Associate of
Arts focused in Graphic Design and Visual Communications from the Art Institute
of Seattle.

In 2007 I collaborated on a graphic novel called Swipe Again, with comic book
and prose author, Preston Cooper, and finally collected in graphic novel format in
20013, through a publisher called Angry Viking Press, LLC.

In 2010 I wrote my own comic book called the Protector of the Damned,
collaborating with comic book artist Ferdee Bambico, and published it through
my own imprint, Post Deluge Studios, with help from Lulu and IndyPlanet.

I currently use Facebook and Twitter for my latest ideas, trying to tackle sense of
the creationist theory and God.