Post Deluge Studio's Gallery

Post Deluge Studio's Gallery

I started getting experience in comics, working for S.M.P. Unlimited, True Heritage Publishing
and Angry Viking Press and self publishing through my own imprint, Post Deluge Studios.

I also have experience in Video Game Development, working for Microsoft’s xbox game
developers, and have experience working as a story board and concept artist on a film titled
Chrome, produced by independent motion picture company, Pendragon Pictures.

In 2007 I collaborated on a graphic novel called Swipe, with author, Preston Cooper. In 2011 it
was picked up by independent publisher, Angry Viking Press, LLC, for a sequel in the form of a
five issue mini-series. The new mini-series was collected in graphic novel format in 2013, and
titled Swipe: Again.

In 2010 I wrote my own graphic novel, the Protector of the Damned, and published it through my own imprint, Post Deluge Studios.

I'm currently illustrating book covers and working to become a full time comic book artist at Avatar Press.