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Brooklyn_Belle_Art Originals

Bianca Chavarria; aka Lady B from NYC, has truly come into her own as not just another girl from Brooklyn, but as a voice on the web radio airwaves. For a little over a decade, she has been honing her craft and has made a name for herself in playing independent music. Particularly Country and Rock. In utilizing her experiences as well as prior and newly obtained contacts, she has been able to blossom as a web radio host. Especially when it comes to the infamous NBC show TheVoice!

Artists from TheVoice ranging from Country legacy Cali Tucker and Las Vegas Strip Icon Ryan Whyte Maloney to Georgia's own James David Carter and former Steel Magnolia singer Meghan Linsey; Lady B has made it a point to make her listeners aware of these folks' songs and what they have got going on since being off the show. These very contacts and friendships with artists from the show is what ended up giving her her nickname among her fellow hosts and faithful listeners;TheVoice Woman.

Lady B's art is a mixture of manipulation in texture, hues, and rearranging of backgrounds that would fit the subject she is trying to bring something more out of. Having no particular set style IS her style and she does nothing but give her very best to pay tribute to musicians and people she loves.


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