Brittany Cummings

Brittany Cummings

Website Bio 2022

Well hi there,

I’m Brittany Cummings, your Ottawa local Steampunk Mixed Media artist, born and raised since 1985

I create this kind of art to inspire your heart
Even in our darkest moments, there is a glimmer of light that shines
I enjoy my pieces to have a balance of the dark and whimsical

The style of art I gravitate towards would be a smash up of Steampunk and Mixed Media

I started creating this kind of art since I was a child. Not having a lot of money growing up, I would use things I found, that I could use as an emotional outlet going through so much trauma, and it just blossomed from there.
However, I took a hiatus from my early to late adult years but when I started back up, I jumped back in with both feet.
I am self taught. No classical training. No schooling. Just passion and research

I have had my pieces showcased on CTV News Ottawa, sold pieces personally through Facebook Marketplace and Kijiji, been on a TedTalk and showcased at two art galleries in Ottawa, ON

I am incredibly passionate about my art and making people happy with what I’ve created for them personally. I put a little piece of myself into every piece I’ve created, whether that may be wonder, hope, inspiration or even appealing to your darker side

You can commission your piece based on the size, colours, textures, pictures, emotion, words and pieces you’d like incorporated.
Or you may choose an already created piece if one has caught your eye

You can either email or Call or Text 613-882-2144 to get ahold of Brittany Cummings

Thanks very much for taking an interest

Steampunk Mixed Media

Mixed Media Art from the Heart