Art. I love it. Can’t remember a time in my life when I wasn’t. Being able to create my own world with my own characters where the rules of the real world just don’t apply. Since discovering the medium of digital painting, this love has only increased. The possibilities are now endless.

Digital painting is full of spontaneity. What begins as a simple sketch can easily grow into a highly detailed painting. Without having to start over to change tools or equipment. No repeating any previous steps, just keep going with the flow.

This is why digital is my favourite medium and consequently, the medium I use the most. My aim is to present what isn’t real in a matter-of-fact and believable manner with use of colour and detail. The more detail the better. The brighter the colours, the better.

It’s my mission to do all of these to create artwork that can not only be hung on the wall, but art that can be worn, carried and even slept in. Because art is no longer just for the walls.