About me Brielle Delaney.... Hmmm, where do I start? Well I could start with the things that happened in the past and how I went through a lot or I could tell you about where I am now in my life.When I was younger I traveled frequently. I didn't like the reasons for traveling and, although it was challenging, I always found a way to smile. I moved back and forth between Seattle, WA and Richmond, VA and was privileged to meet a lot of different people. However, I was only allowed to express my creativity to a degree. .

Even though I never really developed my love for art, visiting history museums and monuments was always on my agenda. When it came to art and history my heart was always filled with excitement and the urge to be the best --whether it was the best writer, performer, or student. Even being the best to people was important to me during my younger years. As I got older I started to realize that the only thing better than becoming the best at everything is becoming the best that I can be. I am currently 17 and living in Dallas, Texas. This city has taken me on a self-journey. The people here are one of the kind and have given me plenty of rich experiences. This city is where I found my passion for poetry and art. Learning who I am is surely a journey but I have God, my family, the people I can call friends, and you my supporters on my side so that's all that matters. Although we all fall short sometimes, I've learned that life is worth living and while I live I am sharing what I love. I love to create
A poem about my love of art:
- Brielle Delaney

Some people have addictions because they love the feeling that they get from taking the drug.
Well if you give me a paint brush, and some paint you’ll start to see how high I can go above,
Painting has opened my mind to plenty, of levels of creativity that I didn’t even know, I love it because it is my personal get away.
It’s a light to me like the suns ray. A release of what I’m feeling, seeing, or dreaming about that day.
I know that I love painting because it has taken my pain away. One day I prayed to God saying

“God I feel like you want your people to enjoy life. Because me being an artist I can relate. I
know that people debate about what to do during the wait. But I know that you are an artist because you've created the greatest of great.

Mother Earth and everything inside it. As an artist I know that at the end of the day I want people to look at my work enjoy it so that’s why I believe you want us to do the same.
Because you created us similar to the way I create a painting to go in a frame. Earth is your masterpiece and you’re surly signed you name. I know that you took time out because everyday nothing stays the same. So correct me if I’m wrong about this but from artist to artist I feel like I can relate that you want us to enjoy life and release all of our weight.”

So If you ask me why I love painting just know that it is dear to me and my love for it flows deeper than the oceans sea. I can plant an idea like gardeners plant a seed of a pea or maybe one from a tea and let it grow for everyone to see. So at the end of the day I’m just striving to be the best I can be and I hope that you can feel me.