Russell Sinclair

Russell Sinclair

My name is Russell Sinclair, and I'm a Solar Pyrography artist living and creating in Montrose Heights, Virginia.

Solar pyrography is the art of burning images into wood using magnifying glasses, or fresnel lenses, or jewelers loops. No woodburning tools. Me, the sun, and the lenses. 

Although I occasionally buy exotic hardwoods I primarily create my art using reclaimed, or recycled wood. Recently felled trees, unwanted wood from lumber yards, pallets, crates, to name a few sources. . 
I then draw an image onto the wood. As much as possible I incorporate the grain, knots, blade marks, nail holes, etc into the placement of the image. As for the images, I find inspiration in a wide and eclectic variety of sources. Vintage advertisements, ancient talismans, public domain art, contemporary graffiti.

I burn the images into the wood using the lenses, glasses. My profile picture shows the tools of my art. A variety of magnifying glasses, welders glasses.
I only work on sunny days. In the mornings you're likely to find me in Pocahontas Park working as the sun rises. I'll be along the banks of the James River as the sun sets. It is to me often calm and inspiring. 

After a light sanding, olive oil is applied to the wood to highlight the grain. Tung oil, or beeswax is then rubbed in. Hanging hardware, and Certificate of Authenticity affixed to the back.

Currently I'm looking forward to working on some larger pieces. Doors to homes, & office suites, headboards, address plaques, Family crests, Squadron/Unit insignia

I hope you enjoy viewing my gallery. It is ever expanding so visit often.
Check out other works on Facebook: , follow us on Twitter, Russell Sinclair@Pyrographer15, or e-mail me ( to discuss a commission, or a custom piece. I hope you enjoy. Thanks.