Brian Kerls Photography

Brian Kerls Photography

Exploring with camera in hand, I seek to capture striking and intriguing elements of the natural or man-made landscape. Using light, moment, composition, and color to create emotionally powerful scenes, I hope to develop a deep connection with the viewer that allows them to feel as if they were experiencing these picturesque, and often remote, places in person. I hope the photographs you see here convey at least a small sense of the majesty and wonder of these unique and special locations and that you enjoy viewing these images as much as I did creating them.

Photography has long been a favorite past time of mine and is a journey that began in earnest during a two-week road trip through California during college. Using a small, 35mm, “point and shoot” film camera I was able to capture some of my first, quality landscape and mountain photos and I have been hooked ever since. Over the years cameras and equipment have come and gone, but my aim has remained the same – to capture with a still, two-dimensional image the natural and man-made beauty that is all around us, but often overlooked.

Featured in such magazines as Landscape Photography, Outdoor Photographer, and Practical Photography, my photography primarily focuses on my observations of the landscape – both natural and man-made. While I have traveled worldwide, the spectacular and diverse landscapes of the western United States are some of my favorite locations due to their seemingly endless subjects and creative possibilities in varying seasons and conditions. Living in Colorado, many of my photos are of scenic Rocky Mountain landscapes or wildlife that I have enjoyed taking during various back country adventures – hiking a remote mountain peak, exploring an alpine meadow or waterfall, or driving a quiet rural road – always with camera in hand.

As an avid adventurer and outdoor enthusiast, I pursue photography for the pure fun of it and enjoy the happiness, creativity, challenge, and exposure to the natural and man-made world that it provides me in return. My camera has become and essential element while on remote mountain hikes, exploring cities and towns, or when traveling the country or around the world. When I shoot, I seek to capture interesting and striking elements of the natural or man-made world in such a way that the viewer has an emotional connection to the photograph and is able to escape from their daily routine and feel as if they were experiencing these awe-inspiring moments and places in person.

Through my photography I endeavor to capture brief moments from the beautiful places I travel and I hope at least a small sense of their wonder comes through in the Colorado landscape photos and images from across the western United States you see here. For me, photography is a never-ending journey of exploration, education, challenge, creativity, and fun – and one which I invite you to share with me.

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