Brendan's Galaxy of Wonders

Brendan's Galaxy of Wonders

Hi Galaxy Pals!

My name is Brendan and I make watercolor art! A little more about me: I am 29 and I have autism. My slogan is barista by day and a painter by night. I love painting galaxy paintings and negative space paintings! Please read the description of the paintings you are interested in. If it has been sold it will say so but have no fear! I can always create another one and customize it based on your taste/style. If you would like, you may also follow my Instagram. to follow!

If you would like to have custom work done, you may email me at: or message me privately on Instagram to discuss what you would like and other details.

I am not responsible for shipping delays!

Galaxy Watercolor Art

Negative Space Watercolor Art

Animal Watercolor Art

Wearable Art (tie-dye designs)

Acrylic Paintings