Brandon Cooper Fine Art

Brandon Cooper Fine Art

Brandon Cooper (b. 1987)

"I make raw, thick, juicy paintings, honest and unpolished, full of blunt impasto brushwork and bold color. My art defies every media-saturated LCD screen, every neatly organized data spreadsheet, every app on your phone; it challenges you to remember that you're more than what your Facebook profile says about you.

People inspire my art: their character, their worldview, their hopes and fears and dreams.

Born into a family of artists and musicians, I have been practicing art all my life. I am self-taught in painting, and I work primarily from intuition and imagination. My work begins with an inspiration, a germ of something unique someone said or did that stuck in my mind, and evolves through a process of sketching, editing, and improvisation on canvas."

Brandon Cooper's influences include Chuck Connelly, Francis Bacon, and Willem deKooning.