Amber McDowell

Amber McDowell

Art is my passion and lifeblood. It connects me to the world in a unique way and brings me new perspectives on life, society and the world around me. I especially enjoy incorporating animals into my art, but also love using watercolors and like to explore more abstract ideas as well. I thrive on the personal expression that comes with creating unique pieces of art, and have been immersed in it for more than 16 years. I offer a wide variety of styles, and delight in sharing my work with others. My goal is to always create something unique and special that my clients will be proud to display and own.

As an enthusiastic fan of football, I like to occasionally incorporate team colors into some of my skyline pieces. You will find several Des Moines, Iowa skylines as I am a native of Iowa and live nearby, but enjoy painting other cities as well and look to explore new and different city skylines in the future.

At my core I am an independent person and entrepreneur. In addition to expressing myself through art, I also own a successful pet-sitting business and love to spend time walking dogs and caring for animals. My own English Mastiff "Jaxx" is a constant source of inspiration and joy. Consequently, animals are incorporated into a lot of my art as they are an integral part of my life and happiness.



My Favorites

Chalk and Charcoal