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Oregon Image Creator providing custom images for Interior Designer, and Staging Professionals. Images available worldwide. You can also purchase my images "off the shelf" at this online store. All images are original work.

Bill considers his work, Image Creating, with a Photography foundation. Working with digital imaging since the late 80s, Bill has developed an original creative style, a style which cries freedom from restraint and invites experimentation. Bill runs the gamut of creations, from outdoor, nature, & wildlife work, commercial products, photojournalism, live events and abstract imaging Bill's main work is developing customized images for Interior Decorators, for living and business spaces.

He also offers a wide range of images for consumers, art dealers, limited editions, and licensing for his images.

Follow his blog at www.bposnerblog.com

***Custom work is always available, including your favorite quote added to an image, just contact me, let me know what you are looking for and I'll place it here for your review. Check out my Interior Designer custom site here: http://www.bposner.com and my blog www.bposnerblog.com for updates and discounts. Also if you are interested in any of my work, and are indecisive, just contact me and I can help.

Nature and Landscape




Digital Painting & Abstract

Flowers and Plants


Abstract Wall Art