The Boyer Collection

The Boyer Collection

i have being doing art (like most artist) all my life. i don't consider myself an artist, as much as i am simply "creative". i have a passion for being creative and connecting with people. i have been a fashion designer, commercial artist, and have attended several art colleges. i have displayed my art at several venues, but enjoy doing art "just for the fun of it".

being creative is a very spiritual and mental exercise, that i believe everyone should experience weekly, if not, everyday. it's not about comparing how good you are, as much as it's about "letting yourself be free creatively".

the first verse in the bible starts with "In the beginning, God created.....". that's awesome! i truly believe we were created to be "creative", though i believe that was not our purpose in being here. God created us to love Him and for Him to love us. it is in our nature to love and to express that love through creativity.

enjoy life. enjoy God. sing. dance. write. draw. and laugh. create.