Unique Creations, Wendell Bowen

Unique Creations, Wendell Bowen


Wendell Bowen is a native of Louisville, Kentucky. His art career spans five decades and includes exhibits, school visits and workshops and four separate TV interviews showcasing his art. Wendell paints a variety of subjects including family themes, religious themes, pets, flowers, cars and sports. Wendell is available for school visits, workshops and demos in Metro Louisville only. Private requests for art projects, signs, murals or paintings are done by appointment only. To have Wendell Bowen visit your school, call 502-930-2817. Metro Louisville and Jefferson County only. Visits are by appointment only.

Clown collage, illustration,

Cat, ink illustration

Daddy's Caddy, 2017, 24x30, oil

Selfie, 24x30, oil, 2018

Baptism, 24x30, oil on canvas, 2019

Creation of Man, 28x30, latex paint

The Power of the Seed