BJG Abstract Arts

BJG Abstract Arts

I’ve taken a few art classes as an adult but I started acrylic pour painting about 9 months ago. Painting has changed my life. I am more calm and focused. It has become my passion. I began using a digital app about 3 months ago and it is so fun. Recently I showed my art at the 2021 River Days Art and Makers Fair in my hometown of Midland, MI. I will be doing a gallery show at Creative 360 in the Fall. Acrylic pour painting technique is what I use for my paintings. I photograph my work, and using a digital app, play with color and texture to make prints. I hope you enjoy my art as much as I enjoyed creating it.

Asian inspired

Geometric Explosions

Color Splash

Under the Sea

Pandemic Pandemonium

Ribbons and Rainbows

Petal Passions