Bong Perez Art Gallery

Bong Perez Art Gallery

Bong Perez was born in Davao City, Philippines on April 15, 1970 and worked for seven years as an art instructor at Philippine Science High School before he went to Japan to study. He received his BFA in Painting from Ford Academy of the Arts in 1991 and MFA in Saga University, JAPAN in 2001. in 2005, He finished the Doctoral Program in Fine Arts in Plastic Expression. Presently, Bong is teaching art and Japanese language at the University of the Philippines Mindanao.

He was a recipient of three scholarships: The Bachus Memorial Scholarship (1987-1988), Davao Scholarship Trust Foundation (1988-1991) and Japanese Government Scholarship-Monbusho (1998-present). He was a consistent winner garnering seven first prize awards from local and regional art competitions in Philippines. In Japan, He received the Excellent Award in the 36th West Japan Art Competition in Bridgestone Museum. Even before he came to Japan Bong Perez was already a consistent winner garnering seven first prize awards from local and regional art competitions in Philippines. Bong was the featured artist in the 1st publication of Davao’s ‘Guide’ Tourist Magazine. In 2001, one of his works became the book cover design of Beach Spirit- the book that was published in Australia. Bong’s media are oil and acrylic with the subjects of landscapes, ethnic culture, and people in the urban areas.

He had solo exhibitions in Hiroshima, Saga and two in Fukuoka. He is also active in group art exhibitions, some of which were held in Tokyo, Fukui, Kurume, and Saga.
Several of his artworks are in private collections in Philippines, Germany, France, USA, New Zealand and Japan. Other works of Bong can be accessed in his homepage at


What is important for me is my personal relationship with God. I believe that my skill was given by God for a reason, and I am still on my journey of discovering God's purpose for my life in that regard. I believe that what is necessary for art is first an appreciation in the beauty of His creation and then the achievement of a masterly freedom in expressing them.
Studying in Japan has developed my mind and soul and heart to the fullest by discipline, the right work and the right study, and then finding through this training the utmost freedom of expression, a fluid technique which will respond to every inspiration and enthusiasm which thrills me; and without question my art will always be an expression of my appreciation on the beauty of God’s creation, whatever the subject and wherever I paint.