Bølle Girl

Bølle Girl


My work is inspired by the bulbous shapes of ancient mother-like god forms, and as a mother myself, I am drawn to the fact that these shapes/figures were once held sacred in society. Through my artwork I would like to celebrate this ancient mother-like goddess form which I believe is an important archetype that speaks consciousness.
Creating art with this female form is also a way of celebrating my own motherhood and giving thanks to all the mother's that came before me. Other facts, I am Norwegian but have lived a nomadic life since birth and currently living in Japan which is my 8th country to live in. I studied at the Kent Institute of Art and Design in the UK.

Past Exhibitions:
Greenpoint Gallery, NYC, Salon Show, 2018

Current: Picaresque Gallery, Tokyo, World Kawaii Exhibition, 2019

Future: Picaresque Gallery, Tokyo, Solo Exhibition, April, 2019

Psychedelic Goddeses