Arte y Humanidades

Arte y Humanidades

Gustavo Vazquez King, is a Uruguayan who one day came to Spain, invited by his Diplomatic representation (Embassy of Uruguay) in Madrid. This is how a story could begin to be written, the story of a young artist with origins on the European continent. Gone are his years in the Montevideo that saw him grow, his studies at the School of Applied Arts in his hometown, with the hope of reaching people and culture with his art, his exhibitions in Uruguay, Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, and USA and its desire to reach Spain, which it finally fulfilled. The artist says that he already used the stain in his works with a tendency towards informalism. The artist has been focusing his spots so that the shapes appear with them: white candles that he sometimes achieves leaving the canvas unprimed and others, creating their own whites of extraordinary beauty and extreme difficulty, since it is one of the most laborious colors to achieve. Boats, boats on the docks, stranded, or in the middle of the night regatta, daytime at sunset, boats in the storm, with a memory of Turner and the great Spanish sailor Pancho Cossío. Painting that oscillates between expressionism and fauvism. And sometimes the whiteness is interrupted by a burst of color.

Paloma Herrero. Corresponding Academic of Fine Arts of San Fernando
Spanish Association of Art Critics .

Awards and Mentions:

1980. Selected, l Painting Salon, Young Christian Artists of Montevideo, Uruguay.
1981. Selected, lll Great Salon of Painting, Automobile of Uruguay.
1982. Selected, lll Great Painting Salon, San José City, Uruguay.
Selected, Paúl Cezanne Prize, French Embassy, ​​Montevideo, Uruguay.
1983. Selected, lV Painting Salon, San José City, Uruguay.
1985. Selected, Embassy of Uruguay, Madrid, Spain.
Acquisition Prize for Painting, Banco de la República, Great Hall of San José, Uruguay
Honorable Mention, l First Painting Salon, City of Soriano, Uruguay.
1987. Honorable Mention, l Maldonado Painting Salon, Uruguay.
1988. 5th Regional Biennial of Fine Arts, Villa de Teror, Gran Canarias, Spain.
1992. Selected, Macael Design, Sculpture and Painting Salon, Almeria, Spain.
1994. Honorable Mention, Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Cádiz, Spain.
1997. Selected, Duran Gallery, Madrid, Spain.
1998. Selected, First National Painting Contest, Aitor Urdangarín, Vitoria-Gasteiz.
Selected, 4th Prize for Painting, Mutual of Commerce and Industry, Barcelona, ​​Spain.
Selected, Valenti Prize, San Pere Rives, Barcelona, ​​Spain.
Selected, 5th Anniversary Antonio Campoy Museum, Cuevas del Almanzora, Almeria, Spain.
1999. Selected, Focus-Abengoa Painting Prize, Seville, Spain.
2000. Selected, Vll Prize for Painting, "La Rural" of Seville, Spain.
Other activities :

1998. Bronze bust "Manolo de Córdoba", Carboneras Shopping Center, Almeria, Spain.
2001. “Wind Sculpture Isla de San Andrés” Project, Financed by Formica Española, Spain.
2003. Settles in Águilas, owned by “Estudio Atelier Galería de Autor”, Águilas, Murcia, Spain.
2010. Painting workshop "spatula", summer nights, under palm trees and easel in the sand, "la Puntica de Carboneras", Almeria, Spain.
2011. Painting workshop "spatula", summer nights, under the palm trees and easel in the sand, "la Puntica de Carboneras",
Almeria, Spain.

Marine Fusion

Regatta Grey

expresionismo marinista