I love to write, draw, and paint, whether digitally or by hand. Too, I love to find old pieces of furniture and do things with or to them that change their purpose or their looks, or both.

I love to plan out decorating schemes, remodeling ventures - most of which never come to anything, mind you. And, I find, even in the kitchen, great inspiration in the mixing of spices and trying this mixed with that.

In other words, art is a great deal of my life. Not all of it. I love Jehovah God and I want to serve him, so I am learning better how to do that. I have children, who are all technically grown, but, being a parent never stops; it just changes. And, of course, I have a little wage work, as any good self-respecting starving artist should.

Also, I study up on such subjects as herbal healing, veganism, different lifestyles as they relate to health, and various health issues that are a part of my life. Because, I am actually disabled, but, I don't believe, as they say about some things that affect me, that there is nothing that can cure them or at least make them better to the point of them being a negligible factor.

What I am not is an award winner. I don't enter contests, if it can be helped.. I have never gone to an art school or taken any sort of class, on the subject, that was not forced upon me by the public education system; and, I can assure you, I learned nothing useful in those few classes I had to participate in.

I don't think it's wrong for those who want to do such things. But, for me, most artwork of any sort is more of an inspirational moment that makes its way onto paper or canvas than it is a planned event.

And, right now, I am sure that I have written this all wrong. I read somewhere that bios should be more "Such and such is inspired by the works of this person and that and has won these awards" and should not be "I" statements. But, you know ...

Inspiration doesn't come from this artist or that, most of the time. It comes from nature, life, the viewing of a piece or the hearing of one, and in experiencing it in a way that is totally outside of who created it. Though, after a while, it usually sinks in that there are certain artists who have that voice, that style of writing, that way with a paint brush or with choosing subject matter, that makes me realize they are someone whose works I would probably like to see more of. Usually, because, someone tells me, "Hey, what a surprise that you would like his ....., considering you liked the last twelve of them, too." or something like that.

All I am is me, hoping to share my works with you, to see your works, to network possibly, collaborate if it strikes us as a good idea, and, hopefully, yes, to sell a few things and be able to afford more real paint and canvases, charcoal pencils and other lovely things.


In celebration of rain