Dick Bobnick is a nationally published illustrator and portrait artist who has produced award winning art for national advertising agencies, corporations and publishers of books, magazines and producers of collectables for over forty years. He grew up in the Midwest, Minnesota, and began his love for drawing at the early age of four.

As a youth he spent a lot of time drawing his favorite subjects, dream cars and celebrities in films. He had his first art exhibit at age ten in the St. Paul public library, a series of top movie star portraits. All through high school Dick illustrated for school newspapers, cartooned and designed homecoming pins, art edited his high school yearbook with individual cartoons for each graduate. In college he art edited the engineering school's official magazine, the Technolog, and contributed cartoons to the University of Minnesota newspaper.

During this time he researched his favorite name illustrators whose work he collected, and prepared a portfolio of full color figure and portrait paintings. Upon graduation he was immediately hired by a top Twin Cities advertising art studio and, because of his inexperience in the field, he started as a keyliner, a person who sets up the type and photos on a board to be photographed and printed for ads and brochures. After a seven month period economics forced the lay off of several employees and Dick, being the last hired, was one of the first let go. He quickly bounced back and was hired as a full time illustrator with a small advertising art studio.

After a six year stint there gaining experience he made a huge jump to the biggest art studio in Minneapolis, K & K Advertising Art Studio. He developed quickly in style and technique and started winning many advertising art competitions locally and nationally. He made several more jumps to the most prestigious studio in Minneapolis, Studio One. After sixteen years there as lead illustrator he went off on his own and opened his own free lance studio where he still produces award winning illustrations and portraits, celebrity themed portraits being his favorite. Many of his top selling portraits are now being offered on this Art Pal site, both originals and museum quality art prints. His official website is www.dickbobnick.com.

Those interested in his art repertoire, or, to purchase one of his original paintings, or, to commission a personal portrait can contact Dick by Email, bobnick38@yahoo.com , or, to discuss all details phone him directly at (952) 890-6984 during normal business hours Monday through Saturday.