B.Miller Millers Hill Gallery

B.Miller Millers Hill Gallery


I was born in St. Louis Mo. to parents that moved to the city from rural South Central MO Ozarks. All through childhood and into my school years I drew and painted when I could, supplies were not available. My Dad always told me in regards to my art, " That and a dime wont buy you a cup of coffee, better study for a real job". At 16 I had a motorcycle wreck that left me partially paralyzed for nearly a year. I didn't paint or draw for nearly 40 years. I finally started sketching and posted a few online. Several great friends persuaded me to keep going with my art.
So here I am at 56 still partially paralyzed from the back injuries I suffered all those years ago. Art takes my mind off of the chronic constant pain I am in every day and night. Some days if it wasn't for my art I think I would have checked out long ago.
Now thanks to a Wonderful Man in my life and Wonderful friends I have more supplies than I can dream of. This from a woman that still gets palpitations when I go to an art store.
I hope you enjoy my art and I hope I can get more posted in the future. Just know that every piece has help me physically and mentally and I hope looking at them helps you as well.