Blair Maule

Blair Maule

I paint in multi media focusing on oil and watercolor landscapes. I have an abstract approach to my work concentrating on texture through the use of palette knifes, and building up the composition using layers upon layers, and finally using oil pastel to bring the work to life by creating depth.

I also work in digital and that enables me to find the balance and composition for my paintings, but also for my abstract portraits; which I focus on creating contemporary and modern portraiture of tattoo models, fashion models and public people to bring an alternative conceptual approach to their image.

I am currently putting together my portfolio of work, with the first series based on weird fish and notion of word play; such as Perched on a plate, A place under the sun etc. etc., through digital composition for print.

As an alternative to my art I style using my artistic and often eclectic approach, High end fashion that includes shoes and clothing. You can find these conceptual designs on Instagram @yellow_fashion_label

Abstract Digital Art

Photo Art

Handmade Italian Shoes

Oil Paintings

Weird Fish Series of Prints