Blue Star Arts and Crafts

Blue Star Arts and Crafts

I was born and raised in a very small town in Vermont. I love everything about it here, and don't ever plan to leave. Most of my art is inspired by the state's beauty. I enjoy painting, photography and crafting. I spend a lot of time making centerpieces and wreaths, and painting nature scenes. And most other times I have a camera in my hands, doing portraits and sporting events, photographing nature and scenery, and experimenting with different settings and subjects.

I am in a very exciting and happy relationship with a man who has pushed me to pursue art as a career and to continue doing something I love. We have a 1 year old Pit bull - Cammie. She's pretty awesome, and most of the time my right hand man. Together the three of us spend a lot of time outside taking in all that Vermont has to offer.

An update from the home front!
We rescued a new pit mix back in April, right after finding out we were expecting! And we are now parents to a beautiful baby girl who was born in September! Very lucky, and have been very busy! New artwork is on its way now that things have calmed down a bit!

Always adding new things! Check back regularly! Perhaps something will catch your eye!

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