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DunJon Fantasy Art


Thank you for visiting my humble gallery.

A quick note: It will be a month or two before I have all my best work ready for display in this gallery, however I think you will find an amble assortment of my work available. (I will be adding new pictures daily.)

Also, good news, my commission fees are now 50% the recommended level, so everything is about 25% off until the end of the year to celebrate the Grand Opening of my Gallery. 24x18" is the size I recommended for a nice gallery size quality HD print. (Currently about $38 each.) FYI, I think the larger prints, canvas, matts and frames are a bit over priced. (I have no control over those fees.) But for those with deep pockets who want to get someone something special, the price might be worth it. (The coffee mugs are pretty good value, and would make a nice gift. I got one, and thought it was well worth the money.)

My name is Jon G. Volden, I am also known as Jon Quest on facebook, DunJon on Model Mayhem. I specialize in fantasy, scifi, cosplay, and flesh & steel like photography. (But occasionally do artsy stuff.) I am known mostly for my unique style of "Flesh and Steel photography", the juxtaposition of steel next to flesh. Think of Conan, and the secret of steel, and the secret of flesh. It is my goal to explore both secrets in my work. Although this type of photography can be very sexy, it is not about sex, it is about male and female empowerment. A woman or a man in the wild may become a victim, but put a weapon in their hands, and/or dress them in light armor, and they become hunters, heroes, and masters of their own destiny!

In addition, I am also known for my signature style of IRc portraits and V-girl pinup images. Other photography I do includes vogue fashion, portrait, wildlife, landscape, band and glamour style photography. My photography is divided into three types. "Basic," pure photographic image simply cropped with minor color adjustments. "Enhanced." a simple background is usually added to create more feeling in an image. And "Modified," which includes extensive photo alterations to add more context to my work. (Such as redrawing large parts of an image, adding unreal creatures and/or backgrounds and a variety of special effects. I should also note, that people are used to seeing small photos. 8.5 x 11 is usually the portfolio norm. I invite all visitors to enlarge my pics as far as they will go, and see the difference between my work and that of other photo artists.

This gallery contains the first 5 years of my work. Please look around and if you see something like... -well you know, feel free to buy it. All pictures may be printed on demand, at various sizes, on various surfaces including on coffee mugs:) Frames are also available for those who wish to spend the extra money, and/or purchase something "gift" ready. If you would like something actually signed by me, personalized signing may be arranged.

QUICK NOTE FOR MODELS. It might be wise to share this site with all your friends, because, most of the "amateur" models used in my photographs and digital artwork will receive about half of the profits I might make from sales of their image in this gallery. (or about of 1/4 of the base print price, frame prices are not included for me or for them.) The more people who see this site, the more people are likely to buy your image, and thus earn you a commission. (FYI, friends and family are the most likely to want to by an image.)

A final note: The most entertaining way to enjoy my gallery is to click on the first picture, and then hit the next button. I only wish I could offer music, wine, cheese and crackers to add to your viewing pleasure. (Feel free to create you own like ambiance awhile viewing my gallery)



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