Alex John

Alex John

I work as Professional Artist & Art Teacher since 1995.
Started painting in the age of 6 and worked with art masters and Studios and obtained a Diploma in Art and Organized several camps and art workshops include art programs. Worked as commission Artist for Singapore Dubai, USA. Private Collection are in DUBAI, Singapore and USA. INDIA. Worked for several Interior designing companies in the world. I am a full-time painter and Teacher. Art exhibition going on in Sydney, Australia.

My art works trying to portray the spirit of nature and beautiful creations like bird animal and atmosphere of a special moment and the value of natural color and scenes and that I experience in the nature around me from the daily life

It is when nature lets us see an unexpected view that creates that magical moment, as we view in awe and we know we are witnessing something special. I try to capture this moment of light and contrast that is at the heart of my paintings. It is this communication of this special moment that I would like the viewer to also feel when faced with my paintings.

My paintings are having beautiful color combination and in styles of mixing in Oil, Acrylic watercolors and oils, are expressed in an open and clear way. You can feel a natural feel in the Landscape sometime magical touch. This may be the way the clouds and sunlight interact with the mountain or the tranquility of a special location.

I have had countless tours and camps with my students to Mountains and Natural forest to gather the knowledge and Beauty of nature. My aim is to continue to develop my birds Art and Realistic portraits as well landscape paintings and will be working on a series of paintings to realize the real beauty of nature and the creations to fulfill the desires of Art Collectors and Art lovers..

love Birds