Blendan Art

Blendan Art

Blendan is a French multi media artist, international DJ, and singer. For the past two years Blendan has been creating multi-dimensional art for the benefit of all. In a world where we forget to dream; Blendan’s wish is to give the viewer the opportunity to develop their power of imagination and a collective multi-dimensional vision.

It is Blendan’s belief that a persons multi-dimensional vision gives one the power to efficiently activate the third eye (door of the realm of an infinite power of creation). To do so Blendan uses Sacred Geometry and the Golden Ratio (1,618).

In order to efficiently use the power of Blendan’s art one must take the time to identify the different faces & the multitude of eyes included in each art piece. Blendan’s visionary art is hand created with colored ink pens.

In addition to Blendan’s most recent work he also created a unique collection named “Auto-Reverse”. Each piece of art can be reversed and turned upside down. Experiencing the peace in all directions. This special collection where two pieces of art are created in one.

Blendan’s multi-dimensional art is visionary where the viewer observes different celestial spirits, animal spirits, and nature spirits.

Thank you for your support and for your collaboration in promoting this unique art made to expand one’s consciousness and imagination.

“Let us expand and see the interconnection in everything!
~Only one!” ~

Classic Collection

Gallery Auto-reverse Collection